[Northkeep] Among heroes

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jan 24 23:34:20 PST 2009

Bloodied, battered, and broken, a chill set in core of my being I limp home. Upon the field of battle where cousins and comrades joined in arms there were many pains endured. As the sharpness of the ache leaves I know that on this day I was made stronger by the wisdom gained at the point of a sword...Such is the life of a warrior in the Northern Region.

When asked why I do it, why I punish myself in the freezing cold, with bruises, swollen joints, with bleeding wounds, and all the pain...becuase I said I am no great warrior, I am not one of the heroes of battle, but on days like this one I feel truly honored to be allowed to stand in the company of such heroes, and for that honor I will endure.

To all those heroes who took to the fields who bravely and boldly fought this day I salute you.


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