[Northkeep] January Northern Regional Fighter Practice/Melees

Centurion Orion centurionorion at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 20:11:14 PST 2009

D'Alder and I would like to take this time to thank everyone that was
willing to come out in the 40 degree weather on Saturday. Despite the curve
ball that the weather threw us, we still fielded about 35 heavy fighters
that participated in bridge, open field and castle scenarios. I am unsure of
the number of people that got their authorization cards updated but I did
notice that there was a good sized line at one point.

We would also like to thank the light and archery folk for coming out. We
had around 10 light fighters and 5 target archers having their practice and
fun shoot. Thank you for joining us!

There is a February Northern Regional being planned. I will be posting that
information to the list as soon as we have everything planned out.

Centurion Orion
Centurion D'Alder

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