[Northkeep] question 2

Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Mon Jan 12 12:39:08 PST 2009

>> Have been looking at the kingdom calendar (filling in ours) and noticed 
>> Chemin's event is not yet listed.  The Faire of the Harvest could take the 
>> last weekend of October.

>One small problem...the way I understand it the Canton of Skarragard is
>planning their event for that same weekend.

Will Rogers Camp is busy with Spookoree from Oct 16-18 & Oct 23-25 so the camp is unavailable for those weekends. November is really open. 


(And I couldn't help thinking about the classic SCA tradition of two group wanting/arguing about something -- have a war over it -- loser gets November dates.....)

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