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I was blessed to be able to attend Red-tape over the weekend.  During the
GOofS meeting our King made an interesting suggestion that I now offer as
something for thought.  He suggested (In my own words and understanding)
that for our Kingdom to try and make each event memorable again and that we
might try and have two (or more ) groups put on a combined event.  This
would help cut down on the number of total events but would still allow
groups to met their event quotas.  This would also allow for our creativity
to flourish once again and have a larger draw of people working the event.

It was mentioned briefly that one group had only 16 people attend their
event because it was up against another.  This is one example of why we
have/need extra funds in our account; so that a group can still afford to
put on another event.

In service to the dream,
Ld. Renault de Mont-Saint Michel

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>> Have been looking at the kingdom calendar (filling in ours) and noticed 
>> Chemin's event is not yet listed.  The Faire of the Harvest could take
>> last weekend of October.

>One small problem...the way I understand it the Canton of Skarragard is
>planning their event for that same weekend.

Will Rogers Camp is busy with Spookoree from Oct 16-18 & Oct 23-25 so the
camp is unavailable for those weekends. November is really open. 


(And I couldn't help thinking about the classic SCA tradition of two group
wanting/arguing about something -- have a war over it -- loser gets November

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