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Tue Jan 20 08:28:45 PST 2009

Are you okay? Is there anything that I can do? Yes, I would like all the numbers!  Sorry that I didn't make it at christmas.  Marci was having a terrible time with the pregnancy.  Xander came 3weeksearly and was abit ill.  But he is good now and we are trying to adjust to having a new baby at the house.  He looks just like Zane, exactly. Tons of hair.  6lb. 11oz.,
and 193/4 inches long.  I would love to see ya before you leave.  I miss you terribly.  Are you still going to Gulf War?  Is this cuz of your mom?  I'm not trying to be noisy just concerned.   I love you.  
Truly, BFF

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  This is, kind of, difficult but, as of this Friday I will be living in
Norman, OK.  I will be there until, at least, May 9th.  The home in which I
will be living is rather remote and due to the lack of vehicle for either myself
or Olivia, it shall be difficult for me to be "anywhere" but at the
house.  I will be reachable by my cell phone (I have an AT&T plan) or
email.  I will be more than happy to share the house phone number with those
that request it.  And I would be thrilled to share the address (directions)
with those that would like to visit! Hint, hint!  I fear that I may be
"stir crazy" in a very short while.
  I am sorry if this inconveniences anyone but it is a necessary,
temporary, change. 
Hugs and loves,
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