[Northkeep] Report

Chris Birdwell angusmgunn at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 22 11:45:19 PST 2009

Hospitaller's report I also hope this reaches you in due course.
Greetings Northkeep,
        Well, the holidays have once again come and gone. We now begin to look forward to the warming of spring and....oh yes......to WAR! For those of you going to war, please pre-register under the barony of Northkeep if you wish to camp with the barony. As I am acting as Gulf Wars land coordinator for our barony, once you are registered please send to me your confirmation number, names of yourself and all those registered with you, and the size of your tent or tents including ropes. Please get me this information ASAP once you know it. Along that line, I will be hosting an armoring, sewing, learning day at my house on January 31st. At 12pm I will be holding a Gulf Wars first timers discussion and class so if you are going to be new to the war or if you've only been once and need a refresher, come on out. We will begin at 10am and go until we can't stand it so come out, make something, learn something and have some fellowship with your fellow
        We will be having Grub and Garb at fighter practice at the VFW at 6th and Peoria at approximately 7pm. Please bring new folks, dress up and bring soemthing to share. In February we will be starting the newcomers classes at Grub and Garb again so be prepared to bring interested parties. I hope to see you all there. 
         We will begin, as the weather permits for now, and on a more permanent basis after Gulf Wars to hold Saturday fighter practices at various local parks. I would like to have these turn into small demos. Once you see the announcements, please bring whatever it is that you do, arts, fighting, bardic, what have you, to the park and be prepared to talk to those who wonder over to see what we are about. 
          I have one other request. I am looking for more demo opportunities. Especially in arenas that have a good chance of drawing a crowd of those that may be interested in participating. Keeping this in mind, please let me know if you can think of any. I am looking forward to a good year of growth within our barony and hope to have all of your help.
    Thank you,
    Centurion Angus Gunn
    Squire to Sir Cassius Lepus
    Hospitaller Northkeep


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