[Northkeep] Med Fair Revel

Jacqueline Reynolds jacqueline_reynolds at cox.net
Fri Mar 6 06:50:55 PST 2009


Med Fair revel will be on April 4, 2009 starting around 6 pm and  
running until approximately 1 am, April 5, 2009.  The Med Fair revel  
site this year will be located at the Norman Masonic Lodge on Porter  
St. in Norman, Oklahoma.  The lodge members require a few things from  
us in return for the use of their lodge.

1.  NO alcohol will be permitted in the building or the parking lot.   
However, we can have alcoholic beverages in the soccer field located  
just north of the parking lot.
2.  If alcohol is found in the building, our revel will be immediately  
shut down.
3.  No food or drink in their "Blue Room".  Food is allowed only in  
the cafeteria/kitchen area and outside.
4.  We need to leave the Lodge as clean as we found it.
5.  Outside noise should be kept as minimal as possible.
6.  We can NOT have any firepits or bonfires at the revel.

Just so everyone knows...there will be a Lodge member present at all  
times during the revel & there will be volunteer SCA guards posted to  
help enforce these rules.  Thank you for your cooperation &  
understanding in advance.

Lady Jacqueline Reynolds

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