[Northkeep] Populace tonight / Baronial OP

zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Mon Mar 30 08:15:03 PDT 2009

The Good News:  I am bringing an updated, digital version of the Baronial OP to 
populace tonight, to hand over to our Baronial webmaster, Amadeo. 

The Bad News:  All those wonderful photos of folks? We need to obtain a release 
for them. They're almost 100% photos I took, so I can provide the 
photographer's release, but we need the people in the photo to sign a release 
as well, if it's  going to be posted on the website.  So we need your help! 
Please find Amadeo or myself at Populace tonight, and sign the waiver!

For those that I do NOT have a picture of, or for those who do not like the 
photo currently posted <<-- Balvin, that means you! (among others), please come 
see me at Populace. I'll bring my camera, and we'll get a shot you're 100% 
happy with. :)  

- zubeydah

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