[Northkeep] New Arrival to the Barony.

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Allow me to echo everyone else's welcome, Lady Annecathryn

And add that there is a chance to meet many of the Barony should you 
wish BEFORE Monday's populace meeting, even before Thursday's Populace 
Meeting in Chemin Noir.
We have a weekly fighter practice on Wednesday, tomorrow, at the VFW in 
Tulsa at 1109 E 6th St, on 6th just west of Peoria. This week is our 
monthly 'Grub & Garb' special fighter practice where we make sure to 
dress in appropriate garb and share a potluck supper. There is often a 
'cooking contest' attached to it, but I haven't heard if that is 
happening this time or what the theme is if there is one. It starts 
about 7 but there are likely to be people in attendance from 6:30 on.

I have the honor of being the Barony's current herald, and have added 
your name (and awards as they appear in Caid's OP) to our baronial OP. 
I will pass them on to the Kingdom, but the Kingdom doesn't track 
non-armigerous baronial awards from our kingdom OR others (but then 
Ansteorra is a rarity in even HAVING armigerous baronial awards), so 
two of yours will appear locally only in Northkeep's list. I assume you 
prefer your name rendered as you typed it, Annecathryn, and not the way 
your old kingdom's OP carried it, Anne Cathryn. I also assume the 
kingdom's version is the one that is registered with your arms. Please 
correct me where I'm wrong.

I look forward to meeting you in person so

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Welcome Lady Annecathryn, 
You've arrived at just the right time. The Barony of Northkeep has 
populace on the last Monday of the month, which just happens to be next 
Monday, March 30. We meet at the Martin East Regional Library (2601 S 
Garnett Rd, Tulsa, OK 74129), which is on Garnett between 31st and 21st 
Streets. You probably already know how to get to us, but just in case 
you don't, go to: 
for a Google map to get you there. 
Although the meeting starts at 7:30, many arrive a little early to 
socialize. Also, after the meeting, a lot of the group go out for food 
and more socializing. 
If you are coming to the Northkeep populace, please look me (Lynn the 
Inquisitive) up and I'll happily introduce you around. 
We also have a canton in Bartlesville, which is close to you. It is the 
Incipient Canton of Chemin Noir. I believe they meet the fourth 
Thursday of the month, which will be this Thursday the 26th. They meet 
at the Dewey Branch of Arvest Bank, at Don Tyler and US 75 (northeast 
corner), in the Branding Iron room, which is 
on the east side of the 
bank. I think the meeting starts about 7:45 p.m. They also usually go 
out for socializing and food after their meeting, too. 
I could be mistaken about the Chemin Noir populace times.... but I'm 
sure someone will correct the info if this is not right. 
I look forward to you being a part of our great group. 
Lynn the Inquisitive 
Camin Bradbury wrote: 
> Alas it isn't a small and darling wee person, just me. 
> I arrived on Saturday evening and have had a day to 
> settle in. I'm living in Nowata, Oklahoma and I'm looking 
> forward to meeting the populace of my new home. 
> I have a lot of interests like music, embroidery and hospitality 
> but my biggest area of interest right now is to be a newcomer 
> and learn about the new and wonderful place I have landed. 
> L. Annecathryn of Wicken Bonhunt, 
> lately of the Barony of the Angels, Caid 
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