[Northkeep] Update on Thormund

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All of us in Chemin Noir will keep him and you in our prayers.
please call on us if you need us 


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So, yeah, they let him go. He's a canktankerous ol' bugger, and well, we
love him anyway.

He has 4 breaks in his hand, 4 damaged tendons. He also managed to make
mincemeat of the muscle between the thumb and first metatarsal. His hand is
being held together by 4 pins and a metal plate. He is in some pain, but the
pain pills should keep that in check. It should heal, and the chance of him
losing his finger is slim.

The far more distressing thing is that he is out of work for a while. He is
going nowhere (except to Krystal's National meet this weekend) until next
Monday when he sees the doctor, whereupon he will be making an impassioned
plea to the doctor to be allowed to do something, anything. The surgeon told
me that healing time is going to be 2 months, at the very least.

I thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes today, and ask that you
continue them for quick healing. He's a stubborn man, and hates to be not

Amanda Blackwolf

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.
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