[Northkeep] Update on Thormund

Chass Brown charinthalis at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 6 12:13:06 PDT 2009

They still have to pay workers comp insurance on him. Have him get a good 
lawyer like Victer Owens in Tulsa and get it started today. The faster you 
get it started the faster he will get his first check. We got mine started 
when they put me in the hospital for surgery adn had my first check before 
the weekend. If you need a good lawyer he is a good one and honest... 
something odd about an honest lawyer i know lol (and yes you need a lwayser 
Oklahoma is the only state having laws protecting insurance companies not 
the injured worker).

Chass/Lord Charinthalis Del Sans
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> Because he works for a small independent auto shop, we don't have any
> insurance. And to top it off, he makes "too much" for us to qualify for
> Sooner Care, etc...and not enough for us to be able to pay for things like
> insurance. The government says he makes too much, and the bank says not
> enough....(our mortgage is held by a very decent man, who doesn't know 
> about
> Jim yet, but I'm sure will say something on the order of..........feed 
> kids
> first, pay me later)
> Amanda 

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