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I am passing this information onto those in the fiber arts. . .
I belong to a Kumihimo group where this was forwarded.
the flicker link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/27104718@N03/
Not sure why her links have spaces in them. . .
Ron/Renault (Northkeep)

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 Fwd: [fiberartsbusiness] Cone Yarns 5$ lb and Dyes

I usually just lurk on the list but wanted to forward this to everyone. This is very sad, but a way that we could help someone too. In particular, there are wooden thread spools that would make good weights plus all sorts of fiber that could be used for braiding.

Pat in PA

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I have posted on several groups and it dawned on me this morning that some
of you may be interested in some of these items. I have a gentleman near me
that has lost his sock making business. He is in his 70's and not in good
health. I am helping him get rid of his inventory in trade for some weaving
yarns. I have set up a flicker site with pictures of the yarns he has
available and a few other things. I had no idea it would be as large of an
undertaking as it has been, and it is not my day job so please be patient if
you see something you want! I have been swamped with orders, but I think I
am getting a handle on them about now! Yesterday I started going thru his
dyes. There are mostly fiber reactive dyes. I have been testing each color
to make sure it will dye wool,cottons, rayon's ect. They are quite strong and
I am using much less than I usually do. The wool is taking the dye nicely
with alittle vinegar and bring it to a simmer. Then rinse and colors are
very bright. The yarn I am using is a cotton/rayon blend, and as soon as it
touches the dye, it has taken, also very bright. The dye is perfect for
dyeing quilting fabric, tie dyeing and painting on fabric. The dyes are 13
50 a lb. There are primary colors red,green,black, blue,yellow a few others.
There are also some acid dyes and I will know more about those in a day or
The yarns he has are very nice, he does have a lot of singles as he used
multiple cones on his machines. Some wonderful weaving yarns, beautiful
acrylics ( much nicer than you see in the stores!) and some nice wool/blends
Great wool/nylon/lycra blends for socks and a lot of cotton lycra very
stretchy, only in black. He has a lot of wooly nylon, nylon thread, very
fine, all kinds of things. I am still finding more in his warehouses and
posting new things every few days. All yarn is 5$ a lb. most cones weighing
around 2.5lb. some of the wooly nylon is 5lb a cone, some of the cottons
come in wheels which are 3 to 5 lbs. If you have any questions please post
me, I will get right back to you. It is first come first serve basis. If you
would post me the # of the photo and amount I will pull the yarn and take a
picture for you and give you shipping. You can pay PayPal or check what ever
works for you.
Here is the flicker link
http://www.flickr. com/photos/ 27104718@ N03/

Dori Ann
http://www.feelinfi bers.etsy. com
http://danesandthin gs.blogspot. com/

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