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Ok, The way i see it, is you are just being overly policitally correct about this slave auction. If you don't want to have fun with the rest of us then don't participate in it.
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Well, why not call them "service auctions" instead?  Because that's what
you're really auctioning, isn't it?

>The auctions I've seen over the years were always called "slave" auctions.
>Everyone understood they were done for fun, and usually the auctioneer
>outlined what the slaves could be used for.  They were raucous, a little
>raunchy, definitely rowdy, and always a riot (in the good sense).

I don't doubt this was the case.  However, just because you haven't had
trouble in the past doesn't mean other people haven't--or that we shouldn't
learn from their example.

Because I can offer counter-examples of civic and campus groups that held
"slave auctions" and got slammed for it in the media.  Yes, I know it's bad
for the media to exercise its power in this way.  But it does, and I don't
see why we should make the SCA in general or Northkeep in particular a
target for it.

I referred to the BoD because they have the power of sanction against both
individuals _and groups_ that they feel are putting the SCA in
danger--including the danger of bad publicity.  So even if we escape
notoriety in the press, the BoD could well be inclined to take pre-emptive
action to preclude future risk.  And if we do attract notoriety--do you
think the BoD will defend our right to hold slave-auctions?

(Bear in mind that we are governed by a corporation seated in Marin County,
California.  Look that up on Google Earth.  Notice where it is.  And ask
yourself how charitably people there might view a bunch of Midwesterners
playing at slave-games).

I don't doubt the goodness of anybody's motives or the innocence of
anybody's intentions.  I know they are all of the best. But I think you've
got a blind spot here and in that blind spot lies some risk--avoidable,
unnecessary and considerable risk-- to the SCA from the media, and to
Northkeep from the BoD.  I am trying to warn you of that risk.

It's like...we're all in a trench during wartime, at night, and you want to
smoke a cigarette.  Now, though I don't smoke myself, I don't have any
objections to you smoking--*but*not*here,*not*now.* Because if you do, you
could attract a sniper or a shell. And that would be very, very bad for all
of us, not just you.

Please consider what I have said.  Please consider at least changing the
name to "service auction"--I've never heard of one of those getting ripped
by the media.

Please don't take a risk that endangers those who didn't consent to take it.


*Last words of Hector Hugo Munro (1870-1916), better known as the author
"Saki."  Killed by a German sniper in the trenches of World War I.
Interestingly, he had written the following poem:

"It's three no trumps" the soldier said.
A sniper's bullet struck him dead.
His cards bedecked the trench's bottom:
A comrade peered--"Yep, he'd a' got 'em." 

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