[Northkeep] Baronial guard question for Damon

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Sun May 10 23:47:38 PDT 2009


     I have been told that you started our current Guard unit based upon your experiences from Calontir.  I was hoping to receive some guidance from you on how I might make the guard better.
     There was a post by our current Guard Captain about his stepping down soon (Castellan?), and that the ranks of the guards are going to be thinned out because of lack of participation of duties in preparation for the new Captain.  There is a small change that we are converting part of our ranks (the Bondi.) to be the children's guard unit.  I do not understand this. I had thought that the Bondi should be the the new recruits.  I have always been a strong supporter of our Guard unit & its current small duties in the last eight years.  He wanted me to think whether I would be interested in his position.  My basic problem with being Captain, is that we haven't (while I have been in the Guard) had much to do in terms of duties outside of Court Dress-up.  I want to support the guard further, build it back up, but do not want to continue on our current path.  I am not enough of fighter from either fighter groups (Heavy/Light) to be a leader on the field.  I thought I might be better as  Lieutenant, and let one of the Lieutenants become Captain.  This would allow me to learn more about it's possibilities.  The only problem is that both of them haven't been doing much for the guard recently.
Any suggestions/thoughts would be appreciated,
Lord Renault de Mont Saint-Michel
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