[Northkeep] An issue at fighter practice

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 20 21:57:40 PDT 2009

Greetings Northkeep,

Tonight at populace meeting one of the scrolls for our upcoming Castellan event was damaged because children running about bumped the table where the artisans were working. I do not know the extent of the damage or if the weeks of work that went into the scroll were ruined. This is not only a real shame it is a real disappointment.

Children are more than welcome at fighter practice, so are parents, but if you are going to bring your child to any event or meeting you need to make sure that they are well behaved and at the very least they respect the other people in attendance and their space. There is plenty of room for everyone at the hall and the fact that tonight the children who caused this issue were warned multiple times to not run through the area and yet they still did. The artisans working even moved out of the way so that they were in an unobtrusive area as possible and still this happened. I know it was likely an accident and that kids will be kids, but this is not the first time such problems have occurred at the hall. I have to wonder why the kids were running inside unattended in the first place. If the kids need to run there is a perfectly good park across the street. If you are a parent and you come to fighter practice or any SCA meeting with your child please make certain that you child is under control, please bring something for them to do that does not involve running around the building. If this damage had occurred to one of the VFW's display pieces it could have cost us not only the use of the hall but it could have possibly ruined an irreplaceable piece of American military memorabilia.

Please continue to bring your families to practice, and please have fun when you get there, please just do so with more care, and please do not let this kind of issue occur again.


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