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This is really sad to me.


Though I have not been involved very much over the past few years, this is
one of the reasons why.  Children DO need a village; otherwise all parents
would need a straight jacket!  Having a place for children to roam and run
free IS important.  If the weather is bad or things are particularly busy,
children need guidance and activity.  All they want is to be involved just
the same as the adults.


Since we seem to no longer have an available MOC at fighter practice, is
there no one who will bring a few things for the kids to do?  Crayons will
work for some, but not all.  Baking will work for many girls, but not
necessarily the boys.  Why can't we find a venue where the kids CAN run? I
thoroughly enjoyed having fighter practice at a city park so that there was
a place for children to run.  Children need to run.  It is in their genes.
Furthermore, I would not allow my child (who is only 3) to "go play" at the
park across the street even if someone went to "watch the kids."  (Even if
he was older!)  We are too close to downtown for it to be safe to leave
children unattended outside at dusk. (At least in my opinion.)


For those of you who think that we need to "control our kids," have any of
you had a 2-3 year old?  I am reminded of a quote from Jurassic Park, "We
never had control, that's the illusion!!"  I will admit that my son likes to
run through the VFW just like the rest, and I try to keep an eye on him, but
this issue is what makes the "New Northkeep" sad to me. I guess I will have
to stop playing in the SCA until my son is older and more "under control."


As you may know, I was introduced to the SCA by Lord Lucan Silverwolf, who
is now my husband.  This was the final straw for him.  He has decided that
he is done with the SCA and its politics.  He misses the days when HONOR and
CHIVALRY was what was important, not whether or not we "controlled the
kids," called it a slave auction or a service suction, or used alternative
weapons and grappling on the list field.  (Which by the way IS historically
accurate whether the lawyers like it or not.)  This is his story not mine...


My heart is really broken.  For those of you who know me I enjoy cooking,
singing, service, and archery.  (Most of which, I have not yet begun to
pursue do to my other responsibilities, including the 3 year old.)  I REALLY
wanted to learn how to fight with 2 daggers, but that seems like a dream
now.  How will I ever be able to "play" now?  I can't "control" a 3 year old
and play by myself.  I needed the village...


Lady Ellette the Sad


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The park is nice, but there are some creepy people who frequent it at night.

 I would only send them over there with close adult supervision.



On Sat, May 23, 2009 at 2:44 PM, Miles Grey <Kahn at west-point.org> wrote:


> jennifer stoops wrote:

> > Perhaps a good solution to this problem would be to have children's

> > activities as a part of the activities at fighter practice again.  When

> we

> > practiced at McClure they had a park atmosphere to run around in that

> > safe, since we've moved to the VFW hall it would be nice if we could all

> > come up with activities that would better occupy their time.


> There *is* a park right across the street from the VFW, if my memory is

> correct.  Nice looking place.  Distinctive park atmosphere, and plenty of

> room for running around.


>  Miles Grey



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