[Northkeep] Running Around At Practice

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Tue May 26 06:58:24 PDT 2009

The MoC's job is NOT to babysit children.  The Moc provides activities aimed at entertaining the younger members of the Populous for a specific period of time at specific events.  That can include meetings if the MoC chooses.
If someone wants to bring a TV and VCR or DVD player & play movies for the entertainment of the children at fighter practice, that's great.  But that isn't a responcibility of the MoC. 
Kendrick has some good points (frightening as that is to me).  We used to do a lot more group parenting in the SCA and it worked, as witnessed by the fact that Kendrick stepped-up and sent a mature, well-reasoned note (something a number of us wouldn't have anticipated 15 years ago).  It's still true that it takes a village to raise any child, the question is what village do you, the parents, want to do the job?  
And for those of you who are unhappy, but distance yourselves from the problem, another adage about villages . . .  So-and-so and whatchamacallit may be idiots, but they'll be our idiots!
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