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I  can think of a few... some quiet: Finger knitting and Cat's Cradle

and at least one active... Yarn Toss (a la girl scouts)

some links
http://www.wikihow.com/Finger-Weave <http://www.wikihow.com/Finger-Weave)>


Yarn Toss Game (as learnd in girl scouts and modified by me)

1. Take a ball of yarn and say the name of the girl or boy that you are
throwing it to (or rolling it to), holding

on to the end.

2. Then have that girl or boy say the name of another girl or boy and throw
it to her/him, having her/him hold onto the yarn

as well.

3. Do this over and over until there is no more yarn.

4. Talk about how we are all connected, how important each one of us is, and

how we have to work together to have fun

5. If there’s time and it is not too complicated, play the spider web game
once the “web” of yarn has

been made.

6. Have the girls and boys hold tightly to their yarn, stretching it tight
is necessary.

7. For the easiest version have all of them lower their yarn to just above
the ground. Let each girl or boy try to

cross to the other side without touching the yarn “web.”

8. To make it harder, have all the girls and boys lift the web to waist
level (best for older children and young teens).

9. To make it even harder, have the girls and boys alternate between webs
held low and webs held high (again best for older children and young teens).

10. To make it super hard, have the girls and boys change level on your



On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 11:38 PM, Irena Fridenberg <
rubberduckiemom at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everyone.  I would like to know if someone will bring plenty of
> crayons
> or washable markers.
> I have found some amazing coloring pages that are full all ranges of ages.
> I will be more than happy to bring a large assortment if someone will bring
> crayons.
> I was going to bring yarn, but I only have one skein.  Is that enough and
> can
> someone think of something for the kids to do with it?  Well, other than
> tie
> up the adults.
> Katrine
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