[Northkeep] Castellan Gate Shifts Still Open!!

bill fountain 112sword at att.net
Wed May 27 12:35:45 PDT 2009

I will take one of the 4AM -  6AM shifts

                        Wilhelm der Wulf

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Subject: [Northkeep] Castellan Gate Shifts Still Open!!

Gate Shifts 
  Time Person 1 Person 2 
6:00PM-8:00PM Dervilia O'Shannon <empty> 
8:00PM-10:00PM Arthur Blackmoon Dervilia O'Shannon 
10:00PM-12:00AM Angelique  <empty> 
Saturday 12:00AM-2:00AM Arthur Blackmoon  <empty> 
2:00AM-4:00AM Muirenn Nic… sorry I can't read that!(Meryn)  <empty> 
4:00AM-6:00AM  <empty>  <empty> 
6:00AM-8:00AM Ayla von Aschen Elizabeta 
8:00AM-10:00AM  <empty>  <empty> 
10:00AM-12:00PM Diarmad  <empty> 
Please kindly fill my <empty>'s!!!
Castellan co-Autocrat
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