[Northkeep] Grub & Garb - Newbies!!

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Wed May 27 14:06:10 PDT 2009

Yes, there will be 2 extra 10 year old newbie boys at practice tonight. I have spoken with their mothers and they will have everything we can't provide (cup, etc).

I will have Avi's new helmet and the old one (I am not sure if it meets current Ansteorra standards or not) and the rest of his armor. What I am mostly lacking at the moment is a sword for him. His didn't really make it back alive from Gulf and I haven't had time to make his new ratan cored one yet... If I get off email now and finish up some work stuff I might be able to before practice...

What is really cool is that it is the moms who are the ones really interested in the SCA, the boys think fighting with swords is totally awesome but the moms are all ready to start sewing and getting personas. Both of these women are planning on coming to Castellan too!

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If you do, I will be looking for transportation from Stillwater to practice.  Caer would love to have more opportunities to practice.  I would be perfectly happy to marshal.  The hard part is always having enough helmets.


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hey thats cool Peter and Tyler are Boffer age maybe we could get enough kids together to do boffer that would be awesome 


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Awesome! I will have 2 sets of newbies with  BOFFER FIGHTING aged boys (from 
lex's soccer team) with us tonight. They are totally excited about this! (And 
new enough about it already to light up when they saw my Northkeep t-shirt at 
occer practice last week)

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