[Northkeep] Scroll Emergency

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Fri May 29 09:13:37 PDT 2009

We can also lock the animals away and paint at my house every evening till Castellan if you'd rather Dervilia.  I have the dining room table and a large, low, marble table for those who can work sitting on pillows on the floor.

Who has some paint, and no talent to use it.

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For anyone who would like to help with scrolls, I will bring my paints and calligraphy and parchment paper to fighter practice next Wed. Unfortunately, summer classes begin next week and I will be teaching an evening class M and W. So, I will try to let my students go early and make it around 8pm. This scoll party can always continue, or even begin, at my home until Castellan. Since we need all the help we can get, please bring all the painters you can.  
My dear Baron, if you could let me know what scrolls are definitely NOT getting done, I can create some over the weekend for painting next Wed.
Dervilia O'Shannon

May you work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like no one is watching. 
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Subject: [Northkeep] Scroll Emergency
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Okay we have a few of the people who were working on the original scrolls for Castellan, some of whom have not contacted me letting me know their scrolls will not be done. Lady Danielle from Mooneschadowe was sort of coordinating the creation of the scrolls...but I have not heard from her. At least one person will not be able to complete their scroll so if there are any Illuminators and Calligraphers out there who are willing to come to our aid this would be a great boon to Northkeep. 

Iif anyone needs to know what we need please contact me ASAP.

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