[Northkeep] What was your favorite SCA moment?

Robert & Tara Brinsfield daig73 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 1 19:58:02 PST 2009

Many years ago in my beginnings with the SCA, I had the opportunity to attend an event called hosted by the Shire of Blackmoor Keepe in what was then Meridies, and is now, Glenn Abahnn. My son was attending MOC activities and when the adults at the activities turned their attention for two seconds he was off and running. Of course several folks fanned out and began looking for him. He hadn't been gone long. When he was found, it presented a very charming picture.

On the front porch of the campsite feast hall, sat a large man with my son on his lap. My son was wearing a coronet around his neck and playing hotwheels on the man's round little belly. The man was giggling up a storm and making engine noises in between giggles. My heart stopped at seeing the coronet. But then jumpstarted when I know my son was safe, for he was seated in the very lap of the late Count Sir Francois, who, to me and my SCA life, was a shining example of chivalry and courtesy. 

When we approached to take my son back to MOC activities and give Count Sir Francois some quiet time, we were all promptly informed to let them be, as they were both being entertained. Had that not come from my seneschal, I might have been slighted. But she knew Francois well, and I trusted her opinion of him. Francois had noticed right away that my son was special needs and with several of his attendants, they all played hotwheels on that porch for most of the afternoon. I had never seen so many white and red belts acting like hot rod and diesel engines! It was great!

Long live the spirit of such shining examples of chivalry!

We miss you, Francois!

Lady Marguerite le Chanvierre
Eldern Hills


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