Lynn LRA at olpdsl.net
Thu Nov 5 21:52:40 PST 2009

I think we need a little clarification here.... HE Elisabeth is talking 
about Coronation feast having a waiting list. Coronation is this 
Saturday in Duncan.

We are NOT taking reservations for feast for Queen's Champion, next 
weekend at Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp. Feast for Queen's Champion will 
be purchased on a first-com-first-served basis at gate.

Hope that helps.

Lynn the Inquisitive

Melissa Long Blevins wrote:
> There is a waiting list for feast BUT I encourage those of you that wish to partake, to go ahead and fill out the form, not skipping any lines, so that you may get on the list!  One never knows when one might get a spot!  Thank you to all!
> A votre service,
> HLy Elisabeth de Calais

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