[Northkeep] Seige

Evangelos centurionevan at gmail.com
Fri Nov 6 18:01:30 PST 2009

       Is there a certain strength or pull a spring has to have to make a
siege engine spring?  One of our shops was sent 4 heavy black springs today
by mistake and tossed them. Since my time in the SCA has taught me to be a
scrounger of no small talent I thought they might be useful as a ballista
torque. One of our truck drivers, 6'4 pushing 340 stood on it and couldnt
even budge it. Sound like it might work? I will be at coronation tomorrow to
display them and see if they might work. We always seem to have fewer
engines than that swamp kingdom so I thought maybe this could go toward
evening the odds.
      In service,
          Centurion Evangelos Thrakkios
          Squire to Sir Asoph

"An army of sheep led by a Lion will always defeat an army of Lions led by a
-Arab proverb

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