[Northkeep] Queen's Champion

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Mon Nov 9 19:35:57 PST 2009

Queen’s Champion is upon us!!

Greetings unto the Fine Barony of Northkeep,

We know that all of you are as honored as we are that her Majesty has chosen Northkeep for the privilege of hosting her first Queen’s Champion.  I know that the event and  feast stewards are doing a wonderful job preparing for the event to make sure it  is a special and fun experience for Their Majesties and all others in attendance, but as always, it takes many of us working together to make it happen. 

    As you have seen the various stewards of this glorious event have been posting requests for aid, and we are proud as always to see that the populous is stepping forward one by one to answer the call. We beseech all that plan to attend that are willing to serve, please contact the appropriate liaison as soon as possible. While it has forever been true that this family is always there for each other, it greatly decreases the stress of the event stewards when they know ahead of time whom will be there and when. 

We are greatly looking forward to the upcoming event and sharing in the pride that is always evident from a well run event, with a feast to be remembered, fun among friends and a shining example of a Barony working together, which have become the Trade Marks of this fine Barony.

We have no doubt that this event will be another of the shining examples of the
skill and dedication that Norhtkeep has shown so many times in the past.

Yours In Service,

Facon and Keigan
Baron and Baroness of Northkeep

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