[Northkeep] Queen's Champion Feast

Lynn LRA at olpdsl.net
Tue Nov 10 14:41:29 PST 2009

Hi Guys,

I was just discussing some minor changes to the upcoming Queen's 
Champion feast with Ian who suggested I post them to the Northkeep list.

The changes are as follows:
Course 1 -- changing artisan bread to Honey Oatmeal bread (because of 
the many requests for this bread), and the addition of a compound butter;

Course 3 -- Cormarye is a spice and red wine _marinated_ pork loin 
instead of a spice _encrusted_ pork loin. Instead of Lombardy Mustard we 
will be serving a brown mustard, and instead of Honey Pecan Sauce we 
will be serving the Cormarye Au Jus.

Course 4-- we have eliminated the spirit sauce for the bread pudding 
(because of the cost) and;

Drinks -- we have eliminated the Meath (Honeyed Water).

With the replacement bread (Honey Oatmeal) and the cost of honey, there 
was just too much honey in the menu (sauce and drink).

Those are the plans for the moment. Of course, things may change when 
food shopping on Thursday due to availability and cost, and there is 
always the possibility of changes because of kitchen problems.

Lynn the Inquisitive

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