[Northkeep] Children's Activities at Queen's Champion?

Katherine A. Herndon bka28252 at nerdshack.com
Wed Nov 11 06:54:18 PST 2009

On Nov 11, 2009, at 6:47 AM, Jerry and Teresa Herring wrote:

> I am trying to make that happen but I am having trouble hearing back  
> from
> the MOC.
> Is there someone else who is willing to step up and take over? I  
> know we
> have to have at least two none related adults and one of those  
> persons has
> to have passed the official SCA background check.
I can be the "second" but I can't be the official MoC-in-charge  
because I haven't done the background check.

In a nutshell, I need to keep my kids (and possibly Their Majesties'  
kids) entertained, whether there are official activities or not.  I'll  
just plan on bringing plenty of kid-entertaining stuff.  If you come  
up with someone to put together official activities, I'll join in.   
And if not, we'll do our own thing.


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