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Sun Nov 15 19:58:02 PST 2009

Greetings All,

As the day slips to an end I think back over what for me was an amazing
event. Surely the winds did blow and the air grew chill but the fire within
the hearts of this kingdom of heroes warmed the day set a mood full of
honor, chivalry, and great acts of glory. The good company and warm drinks,
the warm hall and welcome smiles how could one ask for more. The feelings
inspired by this event made me want to send out a missive expressing my
great thanks for all those who stepped up and made this Queen's Champion
AWESOME! I am humbled and awed before the heroic efforts of so many working
so hard and so seamlessly to accomplish so much.  During the course of the
event there were so many people of Northkeep, the Northern Region, and this
Mighty Kingdom who made a contribution to the resounding success of this


First to Her Majesty Genevria, Thank you for giving us this opportunity to
honor you. We do hope that this your Queen's Champion was all you wanted it
to be.

Secondly to Their Excellencies of Northkeep for being so supportive and


To Lord Geoffrey and his new fiancée Honorable Lady Adalia, and to Lady
Jutte your efforts were so above and beyond that I cannot express my thanks


To Don Timothy and Dona Therese like the true friends you are you were there
when I needed you most.


To Lady Kale for her efforts and endeavors on  behalf of this event, my


To Lord Orlando, and all the members of the Legion of Swashbucklers for
attending and doing what you do.


To Lady Lady Lynn and the most Honorable Lady Elizabeth De Calais your feast
was astounding. And for all those who worked so hard in the kitchen to aid
in the crafting of this most excellent meal. 


To  Mistress Michelle and Sabine for running the lists.


To Her Grace Willow, many thanks for the fine tapestries which set the mood
in the hall.


To all those who served as Heralds and Marshals, and everyone else the
success of this event is all yours. 


To everyone else from across the lands who attended workers, visitors, or
warriors...Thank you...Remember these days fondly and proudly for they pass
to quickly.



Ian Dun Gillan




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