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Lord Stephen Crowley, was Queen's Champion for Ebergardis II and now for Genevria I. Received a Queen's Glove and a Queen's Rapier from Ebergardis II, and a Sable Talon for Rapier Combat 4/18 of this year. I'm not sure if that was before or after Hrafn's and Elisabeta's coronation, but you could look it up.

He is impressive. Ask Facon about fighting him with double daggers. And don't DO it unless you want to receive a lesson; he teaches knife fighting to US Special Forces.

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Crowley...I am sorry that I do not know his first name nor title. I know we won 
ndefeated and this was after a yielding points in the final round so that he 
nd his opponent were on equal terms.
I am sure that someone who had more time to watch the actual tournament can give 
s his full name and greater details.

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o, who won?
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