[Northkeep] Seeking confirmation of news from BAM

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Orion is the newest Knight,  He was made on the field in the rain.  Much fun was had then the ZOMBIES attacked.  
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Greetings All
this past weekend several folk from Northkeep traveled to the B.A.M. Through various lines of communication I have heard that our people fared very well. Having only heard sporadic news from various sources about what happened there I wonder if there are any of you who went to the event this weekend that can give us a confirmed concise report on how things went? Here are some of the things that I have heard but can not confirm...

Hamish got a Sable Talon
Damon and Riker got Sable Falcons.
Thorvald was made a Centurion (one of seven?)
HE Octavia was made a Centurion
Charles the Grey of Mooneschadowe was made a Centurion
Ian of Wolfstar was made a Centurion
Dugal from Wiesenfeuer was made a Centurion
Cathal was made a Centurion
Don Robert was made a Centurion
Jean Paul got an Iris
Orion is to be Ansteorra's newest Knight.

Are these correct and if so is there any other news to add to them?

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