[Northkeep] An interesting looking event...

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Yes - state law is that if the vendor does not have a current Oklahoma sales 
tax certificate, then the host is required to collect sales tax from the 
vendor and deliver it unto the state.  And I believe we have to have a 
permit to do it, as well.  Needless to say, the SCA was not wild about the 
idea so all our merchants have to have a sales tax certificate.........


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> I like it. Maybe something could be done by creating a 'floating event' 
> that could move every year, say a "Fair at the Crossroads" that could be 
> held alone or in conjunction with a branch's existing event, established 
> by treaty with branches that sit on major crossroads like Northkeep, 
> Wiesenfeuer, Smithkeep and Crystal Mines? Fliers for that year's hosting 
> branch's event would simply be modified to include a paragraph stating 
> they were hosting the Fair this year and merchants were especially 
> encouraged to attend -- or maybe offered extra incentives.
> I take it the state is enforcing vendor licence requirements and the 
> collecting of sales taxes? Wait until the Fair tax gets passed. Boy, talk 
> about a pun waiting to happen...
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> ith the state's current merchant issues I don't know that we could do 
> this, but
> thought it was an interesting idea for a themed event:
> http://birka.org/
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