[Northkeep] CA supply order

Donnchadh Beag mac Griogair donnchadh at cornelius.norman.ok.us
Tue Nov 24 16:06:19 PST 2009


I'm looking to put in an order for CA bolt / arrow supplies and wanted 
to see if anyone else was interested in putting in a big order.  The 
prices drop with bulk purchases and the shipping is better too.  I would 
be looking to collect money at Royal Huntsman.

Here are the prices for orders over 50 pieces:
New Fathead blunts (replaces the older Baldar Blunts) $2.25
Asgard APDs $0.50 w/ purchase of blunt
Crossbow bolt shaft $0.50
Arrow shaft $1.00

Please reply OFF LIST if you're interested and what quantities you would 

Baron Donnchadh
NR Archery Commander

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