[Northkeep] winter kingdom blues

Chuck Kaun jack_a_lope31 at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 3 00:42:06 PDT 2009

There was a point made by someone about not needing a feast?  Its a good one.  But...we can still have a feast without a kitchen.  What is a feast?  it consists of several courses of food, usually made in the order of bread and cheeses, soup or some other sumptuous item, a main course of meat and possibly vegetables and a dessert course.  None of these things require a kitchen if you think outside the box a bit.  


Heres an example of what I would do


1st course: Bread, Cheese and fruit

2nd course: Soup of some sort (several people with large crockpots and similar recipes that can cook all day long with little tending)

3rd course: either 4 large roasters filled with thick ham slices that could be served with bread and various butters which we usually see or those same roasters filled with boiled down chicken (or beef, or pork) in a thick gravy served over premade dumplings (or biscuits).

4th course: pies, brownies, tarts, cakes (you get the picture, anything medieval and sweet)


Just a thought from someone who tries to find the simplest way to cook



Karl Thorgeirsson
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