[Northkeep] For my lost Friend...

Lady Dandi ladydandi1967 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 9 15:27:51 PDT 2009

The Loss Of My Dear Friend, tears glitter as crystal in the light, falling down onto that soft fur. They carry pieces of my heart, love that I return to you Memories of laughs, smiles and joy, gifts that you gave to me, Never to be forgotten, their strength shall help me endure.Though bittersweet now, the flame shall burn true. Cutting through the darkness, a glow only my heart can see. These earthly bodies may be separated, but they are only an outer shell. Like golden and silvery threads, our lifeforce within is too much entwined. The fabric it weaves, shining and as strong as steel. Will serve to protect me as I walk through this hell. A final gift only your love could have designed.You bestowed upon me with your characteristic zeal. Our separation is not final, nor is it forever. Even though two brave hearts stopped beating today, So my beloved friends, I shall not say "Goodbye"These bonds of love, death cannot sever. Instead "Till we meet again,"
 for though I wish you could stay. Right now it's time for your souls to fly!!

Love Always
Your Dandi


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