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Hi everyone our new telephone number is 918-794-4075. I would love to hear from you 
If anyone is interested in learning to make a monster mask or crest out of paper mache for the harvest event please contact. I will be in town until Wed and out of town until the week end, I will be in contact over the net
My house is messy but  that is great for a messy job. 
If you want to get started at home here are directions
For the project you will need glue or flour and salt and paper and paints and aluminum foil.
Prepare your paper. You should tear it into small squares. Tearing is always the proper way  to work with paper mache or more properly carta pesta. Paper Mache is the French word for the paper pulp and it means "chewed paper". Since none of us are going to chew the paper let us use the word for the Italian way of making it which is older.and in period longer. Paper Mache is recorded only to the late 1500 in France  and we can only find it used in dolls heads. 
Carta pesta in one form or another can be found as far back as the 1400. The Venetian could have taught the process to the Persians. 
You tear the paper rather than cut it because the rough edges mesh together and form a stronger bond. 
Take your helmet and cover it with foil or clear wrap. Make sure it covers a lot. You can cut it down later. 
You can make your glue by taken white glue and mixing it with water to make it a little more runny but not too watery. 
Take each piece and put it in the glue and pull it through your fingers getting the extra glue off it. 
Starting in the center start layering the paper. Start with only three layer at first. Leave the piece on the helmet to dry overnight. The secret of good Carta pesta is to let each section dry before going on.
If you want a mask. You take a cheap mask and cover it with clear wrap or foil and do the same thing to it. 
To make a life mask 
Take the foil and shape it to your face with eyes closed. or over your glasses then take more foil and roughly shape it so you "face Mask" can rest on it with flatting down. Then cover with paper. Go past the edge of mask because you will be cutting edges. 
If you want your mask to have curls or whiskers you want to extend the foil past the "face" so your extra things will have strength. 
Mistress Willow
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