[Northkeep] Tonight's Northkeep Fighter Practrice

Lady Dandi ladydandi1967 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 14 21:15:38 PDT 2009

   To the populace of Barony Norhtkeep that attended Tonight's Fighter practice. I wish to give a very grand thank you to all for making me, Lady Dandi (Michele) and son milord Tyr (Jesse) feel very good. Although handleing a very important issue you mange to make your way out of the meeting at some point and give Your warm words and kindness! They where the best, and well felt.  And was just what was needed for us in this time. 
   And to all of the fighters! A speical thanks to you, who took us both, under your wings this night and protected us and taught us well! What a great time getting beat my son said! and to me, what a great time laughing and true felt fun! Never knew how fun it would be to die at the hands of a Knight!! The Wonderful Sir Ulf didnt take long to kill my butt many times very very quickly heheh! Thanks Sir Ulf for showing me the error of my ways. *Smiles and laughes* ((To self  from  Sir Ulf: Dont open up shield as I turn! LOL and remember your three zones!!!)) BUT to ALL who worked with my son Tyr, Thank you much! To  Brother Thovald, Lord Alpleon( sorry I know I mundered that spelling) Mundane called Chris, and Sir Ulf. You are Truely amazing teachers...  To the Two very funny rapier's who tell me, I can hit now with the tiny sticks!  Thank you for keeping us laughing! I just might try that next time! *winks* What great stress relief with
 such good people! Thank you all, Thank you Northkeep!
Lady Verdandi Gormsdottir, Dandi of House WolfStar, Barrony Of Northkeep
milord Tyr Micahsson, of House WolfStar (Jesse Gorham)
"Be concentrated and leonine in the hunt for what is your true nourishment..."


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