[Northkeep] OT: Lord Yoshi's Wife in Surgery Tomorrow

Sarah Crain sarcrain at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 24 20:59:01 PDT 2009

Please keep the Honorable Lord Yoshi Oku Hokamori in your thoughts and prayers tonight as his wife goes in for brain surgery tomorrow.  She apparently has a severe brain aneurism and the surgeon is not very hopeful.  This has been going on since Wednesday, but only today has the diagnosis gotten so severe.


For any of you who live in OKC and know Lord Yoshi, may I request some help?  The surgery is there in OKC tomorrow morning and Yosh and his brother-in-law are there without a place to rest, non-hospital food to eat, etc.  I happen to know that their employer is 2 weeks behind on their payroll, so I would imagine that they are broke as well.  I used to have relatives in the area, but they have since moved so I am trying to find him some local help, at least for tomorrow.


Please call me if you can be of assistance.  I will be up until midnight tonight and by 8am or so tomorrow.

Lady Ellette Silverwolf

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