[Northkeep] Costumers

Niewoehner, Hugh Hugh.Niewoehner at flightsafety.com
Tue Oct 27 06:19:16 PDT 2009

For those costumers etc. who are interested in late period clothing I've
come across some information on another list which might be  useful.

Someone was looking for:  "Drafting & Constructing a Simple Doublet &
Trunkhose of the Spanish Renaissance" by R.W. Trump

Apparently this book is part of a series called "The Sartor System".
Some of which are apparently available in hardcopy from Alban (the
fellow who scans period documents and sends you copies of the photo's
for free).

>Robert Trump has written, over the years, several books dealing with
garb and costuming  
>- "The Annotated Arnold", the doublet-and-trunkhose book Toshi would
like a copy of, 
>a book on gloves and glove making, a system for the design,
implementation, and 
>making of men's historical garb....
>Admittedly, he has had not a little grief with some publishers, which
makes his 
>decision to go paperless understandable, but one could yet still wish
for hardcopy 

Apparently he now distributes copies electronically.

>I received a reply from Master Robert: he gives things out on disk now,
>$1 per disk. "I usually just tell people to copy them if the want..."

I'll forward contact information for Master Robert when and if it gets
posted and if there is any interest.   I don't believe he is active in
the SCA anymore but he was at one time Master Robert Sartor von
Pays-Bas.   That's right "Master RSVP".  He was active in B3R when I
started ('77) and still lives in STL.  

The discussion led to the following useful tidbit for finding
non-circulating books:

>Have you tried looking it up on Worldcat.org?  
>It might be able to  find the closest library with a copy.

I'm not familiar with this  site.  Anybody?


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