[Northkeep] Demo Saturday and Trailer

Jerry and Teresa Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 3 19:51:05 PDT 2009

Greetings all,

If you were not at the library to day you missed a sublime day. The weather
was perfect, there was music on the breeze and the laughter of children
everywhere. I would very much like to thank the twelve people from the
Barony of Northkeep who were able to attend the demo today you all did
yourselves and this Barony so proud. For those who were away or choose not
to attend I must say that you were sorely missed and I hope that an
opportunity for a matching today is given to you again soon. Heaven itself
must have weather like what we enjoyed at the demo.

Six of the 12 people who were in attendance were there for the set up. We
had 2 Heavy fighters plus Facon who did a marvelous job of entertaining the
kids and we had 1 rapier fighter plus Facon who also did a great job, Facon
both styles today! When the day was done we packed up and you could barely
tell where we had been set up. 

Perhaps one day soon one of those strong lads or fair maids whom we
entertained and educated today will be standing there among us and recall
this day was the day that their dream began.


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