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Well, I am not an autocrat for the event(though a previous one), I am willing to make a night to drive up there, and let me assure you that we continue to plan to have this event.  It has in NO way been written off or is there discussions about not having it, all gears are moving forward trying to work it out, I, myself was on the phone a good deal of the day calling various site idea's I had, and I know others are working on it as well.  

On that discussion, If we cant find a site with a kitchen, my thoughts on it are no big deal, we are a Barony known for our feasting, both formal feast and feast in our own camps.  I have no doubts that all if we pool our efforts and someone was willing to head it up that we could put together a mobile kitchen the likes of which has rarely been seen and crank out a feast of the same quality as we always have.  What are others thoughts on this?

So if anyone is worried that the event is not going to happen know that many are still working to ensure that all will be resolved soon.

Yours in Service,


---- Ayla VonAschen <aylavonaschen at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Assuming we can find a date that will work with the church, I just wanted to
> let you all know that if it helps, I am willing to drive to Bartlesville and
> check out the site.  Amadeo said he could come with me.  I've never
> autocratted an event, but I've been to the last 6 WinterKingdoms, so I think
> I have a pretty good idea of what we need.
> I'd really hate to see this event not happen.  If there is something else
> that can be done that would be helpful right now, I am mostly able and
> willing to do whatever I can.  I don't really want to call half the churches
> in Tulsa to see if we could find a place for the December date, but if I
> thought it would really help, I would.
> Also, there has been at least one bid for autocratting this event, correct?
> Would it be asking too much for a possible autocrat to chime in on the
> situation and how they feel about it and/or what they are willing to work
> with?  I'd hate for someone to go through all this trouble of finding a site
> and a date and then not have anyone willing to do the event...
> Just trying to be helpful, I promise.
> Ayla
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