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Honestly? My opinion?

There isn't time to get a college set up for November.

Facilities at Will Rogers are great -- but not for a college, it's not set up for classes.
Running classes at the same time as the Queen's Champion tourney would be a lot like scheduling an event in opposition to it. It might make the Queen testy, not to mention her dons.

I could be wrong about any of that, however:

The church in Bartlesville hasn't said No to the Feb 13 date, we're just anticipating they might. They HAVE said Yes to Jan 30, which may or may not be negotiable with Bonwicke to mutual benefit.

There are a large number of other potential venues that are being pursued. Their prices and range of facilities and availability vary, but we are NOT out of options yet.

IF we can pull it off, it would potentially bode well for our coffers and most certainly WOULD bode well for Northkeep's exposure and reputation.

I say we damn the torpedoes.

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Ok guys, sounds like through no fault of anyone, Winterkingdom is hosed this 
ear.  Instead of the running amok, let it go and concentrate on chemin noir's 
vent and queens champion.  We have enough on the plate without the stress of a 
usted event.  
And since we already have queens champion, why not have Winterkingdom classes 
here?  Nice big h
all that could have 2-4 classes at a time and have some under 
he pavilions as well.  Plus Will Rogers has a kitchen.  Anybody like the idea 
f 2 birds and one stone?  
After all, its probably a lot easier to get teachers and classes together a bit 
ate for an event already scheduled than an event by itself already being 
cheduled late.
just my thoughts, 
Karl T

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