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Facon talk to you? We didn't hear from him last night or this morning about how his conversation with HE of Bonwicke went.

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The mighty and wise Baron of Bonwicke is in negotiations with our successor and 
s attempting to woo his populace and the site owners into switching the dates 
ith us...this is done with the promise of some future reciprocation...and would 
llow us to hold the event on the 30th. I do not know if that is a good date for 
ingdom A&S but I would have to say that I do not see why it is not. This would 
ven allow for a crown presence as I show no proposed travels for them on that 
aron (25 days and counting)

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orst possible case, we hold the event Feb 6, in Chemin Noir, and forego having 
alon WWC in conjunction, and forego having Kingdom A&S in conjunction, and 
orego a Crown presence at a College event that doesn't usually get one anyway.

est possible case, we find an acceptable (cost, facilities and location) site 
vailable on the 13th, or we make a deal with Bonwick for Jan 30 that THEY are 
appy with, and we can still try for those three enhancem
ents to our standard 

Worst is acceptable, best is a chance to shine.
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Tara - did you check on the original date? The one in December? If you did and 
esponded about it then I missed it. The original date was December 12th. 


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ctually, Kevin, they DID say no to the 13th. I'll check my previous post to 
ake sure but I copied Bryan's e-mail back to me. They are using that weekend 
or their own function. I'm trying to locate some pictures still. What I've 
ound are pictures focused mainly on people in the facility, not the facility 
tself. I'll e-mail you directly when I find some that are not too bad jus
 so you can get an idea. 


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 Honestly? My opinion? 
 There isn't time to get a college set up for November. 
 Facilities at Will Rogers are great -- but not for a college, it's not set > 
p for classes. 
 Running classes at the same time as the Queen's Champion tourney would be > a 
ot like schedul
ing an event in opposition to it. It might make the > Queen 
esty, not to mention her dons. 
 I could be wrong about any of that, however: 
 The church in Bartlesville hasn't said No to the Feb 13 date, we're just > 
nticipating they might. They HAVE said Yes to Jan 30, which may or may > not be 
egotiable with Bonwicke to mutual benefit. 
 There are a large number of other potential venues that are being pursued. > 
heir prices and range of facilities and availability vary, but we are NOT > out 
f options yet. 
 IF we can pull it off, it would potentially bode well for our coffers and > 
ost certainly WOULD bode well for Northkeep's exposure and reputation. 
 I say we damn the torpedoes. 
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 Ok guys, sounds like through no fault of anyone, Winterkingdom is hosed > this 
> ear. Instead of the running amok, let it go and concentrate on chemin > noir's 
> vent and queens champion. We have enough on the plate without the stress > of 
 usted event. 
 And since we already have queens champion, why not have Winterkingdom > 
 here? Nice big h 
 all that could have 2-4 classes at a time and have some under 
 he pavilions as well. Plus Will Rogers has a kitchen. Anybody l
ike the > idea 
 f 2 birds and one stone? 
 After all, its probably a lot easier to get teachers and classes together > a 
 ate for an event already scheduled than an event by itself already being 
 cheduled late. 
 just my thoughts, 
 Karl T 
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