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Is this event in garb

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Subject: [Northkeep] NRFP - Sunday, Oct 18th

Do you like fighting with your friends?  Do you like feasting over an open
flame? Do you like fine SCA music. sung by HEATHER DALE??

Sunday, October 18th is a day of food, fighting and fine music at Casa de
Jean Paul, Gylian and Ludo.
2213 S. 401st West Ave.

Mannford, OK 74044

2213 S. 401st West Ave.

Mannford, OK 74044

Fighter practice starting at 11 am and go until 2 pm .

Potluck lunch/dinner starting at 4pm

Concert by HEATHER DALE starting at 6 pm.   Heather Dale is a professional
Canadian Celtic/Folk singer and a member of the SCA.  Because this is her
profession and they have traveled all the way from CANADA, we are requesting
a 10$ donation to go to the performers.

Do you not know who heather Dale is, but want to know more??

So, come on out.

This message brought ot you by Adena Terricsdottir, with special help from
Sir Jean Paul, Mistress Gylian and Liondragon Guard Captian Ludo (please
contact me, or any of the above people for directions or for questions)
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