[Northkeep] When is a good time to call a Kenmare meeting

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We're kind of with Dairmuit on this.  Our weekends (including Fridays) are shot into November.  Weeknights we can probably/maybe make it unless we can't, and there's no discernable pattern.  If you pick a date based on meeting-place available, we'll do our best . . . 
The meetings usually run a couple of hours depending on how much business there is, the number of sidetrips we take, and how much socializing there is.  Some of us bring all the award recs we're in sending to share with the Order, as well as specifically Kenmare business.

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im all new at this , so don't know what is required, but as far as i know, 
i'm free on monday 12th tue 13th, thur 15th, and fri 16th evenings.
that could change, but won't know till the day gets here.
how long do they normaly run ?

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