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Calendar conflicts:

Dec 11-13, our original date:

Guardian of the Gauntlet/Yule Revel - Bryn Gwlad/Ffynnon Gath. No Royal Progress noted.

Kris Kinder - Forgotten Sea (Kansas City) Both King and Queen -- so Calontir Winter War College has a hurdle.

Dec 18-20, really too close to Christmas

Nothing on either kingdom calendar

Feb 5-7 -- we have a site for this date and have had for over a week. It's cheap and in our lands.

Candlemas - Bryn Gwlad. Both King and Queen, so no Ansteorran Royal, unless it's the heirs.

Clothier’s Seminar - Cum An Iolar (S. Johnson Co., KS) Queen's Progress and a killer conflict for WWC.

Feb 12-14

Kingdom A&S -- but no location and the date is tentative, Bids requested for Jan-Feb anywhere. Queen's Progress.

Both Kings at Estrella War.

Feb 19-21

Bjornsborg Spring Event - Bjornsborg Both King and Queen, so no Ansteorran Royal, unless it's the heirs.

Spring RUSH - Amlesmore (Hallsville, MO) No Royal Progress, but Calontiri A&S teachers are unlikely.

Feb 26-28

Nothing in Ansteorra

Chieftains - Three Rivers (St. Louis, MO) Both King and Queen, so WWC has a big hurdle.

If you're checking on sites, please keep these things in mind or at hand.

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There is some good news! There are currently two sites available on the 13th one 
he First Presbyterian Church the other a HS in Collinsville both appear 
ffordable and the school can host a feast.  So all that needs to happen is for 
hose who will be making a decision on the location of the event to do so.
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