[Northkeep] ...favorite SCA moment?

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First -- "Suspicious Header" -- Everyone please change the subject line when you reply to Ian.

Second -- I really don't do "favorites" when it comes to memories.  Sorry, I just don't (it has to do with how I view all history as equal in importance).  There are things I do have fond recollections of (such as becoming a Barony; most of Livia's time as Seneschal -- including the picking up the trash; a particular revel that I think Blackfox hosted once upon a time (Tom and Alanna were there , so that should be a hint about when *that* was...); Talana's Laureling, that sort of thing).


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> Greetings All,
> Sitting here on another gloomy day and I was trying to focus on work and not succeeding very well. I thought I might ask a question just to see if any interesting anticdotes or stories came forth. So...
> What is your favorite memory, moment, or event that you witnessed or were a part of since you have been in the SCA?
> Kindly
> Ian
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