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If the field is green, the boar's heads will have to be yellow or white.

Possible conflict with:
Kolskeggr Thorolfsson 

The following device associated with this name was registered in March of 2006 (via Ansteorra):
Quarterly sable and gules, in bend two boar's heads erased Or.

I don't THINK so. You need two differences, and the field gives you one. I am pretty sure your positioning of the boar's heads in line with each other vertically is sufficiently different from these, where the heads are offset diagonally. These heads are 'erased', meaning the neck has a jagged edge like it was torn off. You could make yours couped, cut in a straight line, or 'couped close', no neck at all, but you probably won't get a difference from that. These heads are yellow, and you could make yours white, but then there's this problem:

Possible conflict with
Bressal Macculloch 

The following device associated with this name was registered in May of 2002 (via AEthelmearc):
Vert, three boar's heads erased argent.

You get one difference for changing the number of boar's heads from three to two. Assuming as I think is the case that the neckline can't give you a significant difference, your only choice is to modify your design or color your boar's heads yellow and hope the difference in position from the first device is significant, like I think it is.

I count at least two differences with everything else registered, for instance:
Faolán McFerran 

The following device associated with this name was registered in July of 1995 (via Ansteorra):
Vert, three boar's heads erased within an orle Or.

One for the difference in number, one for the missing secondary charge, a stripe that follows the outline of the shield, but inside the border, not on it. If you're cool with that, decide how you want the neckline to look and I'll run the idea across better heralds than me.

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Yes i can elaborate. The field is green,with two boars heads(identical in all 
ays)facing to the left,one on top of the other. As i mentioned solid field no 
hank you for your help,
illiam of Northkeep
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