[Northkeep] Gate shift available

Jerry and Teresa Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 29 20:39:20 PDT 2009

What Kelandra is not telling you is that she has developed, over the last
week an acute case of Edema in her ankles. The doctor she saw today said
about 3-6 pounds of fluid. They are not yet sure why this happened but tests
have been done. What the Doctor did say was she needed to stay off her feet,
do you all have any idea how hard it is to get her to do that this week?
investiture, homecoming, football games, yearbook, and oh so much more.

I need your help. Kelandra agreed to do a nobles brunch, and she still plans
to do so, right now she is trying to finish up her dress for the event, and
tomorrow she plans on trying to get some cooking done...but I cannot keep
her down with her feet elevated to help combat the swelling, she refuses to
listen to me. I was thinking that maybe if all of you could help then she
would either listen to you or would have so much help that she would not
need to be on her feet and could simply supervise.

I know it is short notice and I know it is a lot to ask but any help would
be a god send.

(who is likely in trouble because he said anything about this situation)

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