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Your Excellency,
Here is the info I said I'd send concerning Valor Tavern.

-Lord Corrigan

It is I, Tancred, the Valor Tavern Steward, with a list of victuals which
will be available for purchase, at no small price, from said tavern. Be
astounded and amazed at the fare which I offer.

Break your morning fast with this fine selection.

SUPPA DORATA (French Toast) The recipe called for rose water and saffron. I
personally think rose water taste like perfume so I use cinnamon and nutmeg
instead. Hey, it still smells good.

SCRAMBLED EGGS Tried to make an omelet and screwed up. This recipe has been
around forever!

OATMEAL Many different flavor combination available.

ITALIAN SAUSAGE A big juicy sausage! Hey, I thought this was a family
friendly tavern!

FRESH SLICED ORANGES A nice tasty piece of fruit so you can tell everyone
you ate something healthy.

For your midday and evening meals I humbly offer you Lords and Ladies this
variety of dishes!

PASTA either a mound of penne or angel hair pasta topped with one, unless
you are weird, of the following sauces.

PESTO nice and traditional, WARNING there are pine nuts in this if you are

BUTTER TARRAGON butter, tarragon, garlic and Parmesan cheese. It's "slap a
serf" good.

GARLIC CREAM this sauce would have been made with almond milk but I can't
figure out how to milk an almond.

PIZZA Pizza has been around for a good long time. Flat bread with toppings.
My pizza is topped with olive oil, rosemary and mozzarella cheese and
sometimes sausage.

BREAD STICKS really tasty homemade bread sticks. They're good because
everyone I've asked lied and said they were.

CUCUMBER and YOGURT SALAD I went on Crusade and all I got was absolution and
this recipe!

GREEN SALAD simple vinegar and oil dressing.

I also offer these sweets.

RICE PUDDING warm and sweet. Like the kiss your mama gave you before you
went off to the Holy Land.

BAKED APPLES warm, sweet and yummy like the rice pudding--but different!

POPSICLES frozen flavored sugar water, every parent's dream!

Also available

COFFEE Just call me Dr. Feelgood.
SODA Coke, Diet Coke, DR. Pepper, and Sierra Mist
JUICE DRINK Mmm, Fruity sugar! For those parents who don't want to give
their kids coffee.

  Here is the pricing for the Tavern.

Breakfast is any 3 items $3.00, limit 1 sausage per order please.
Lunch and Dinner pasta or pizza, breadsticks and choice of salad $3.00.

Desserts $1.00
Coffee $.50 per cup
Can of Pop $.50
Can of Juice $.75
Popsicles $.50

Tavern Hours
Breakfast 8AM to 10AM
Lunch Noon to 2PM
Dinner 4PM to 7PM

Tavern will be open for drink and popsicle sales from 8AM to 7PM.
Desserts will be served during lunch and dinner only.

Tancred del Mosse
Tavern Steward

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