[Northkeep] Exact demo location (including map link)

Ayla VonAschen aylavonaschen at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 18:43:03 PDT 2009

I know many are awaiting the exact location, so I hope the information
posted below helps.  I drove around the park with Ciana yesterday and
surveyed the demo/faire location.  There are trees that will provide ample
shade, with several nice flat spots for pavillions and tents and such.  I
did not think to ask about parking, though I'm going to go ahead and assume
that it's safe to drive up reasonably close for the purposes of unloading
vehicles, as long as they are then moved to the designated parking area
(perhaps Ciana could indicate where that would be).

I found a map of Chandler Park through the Tulsa Parks website and it can be
seen here
http://www.parks.tulsacounty.org/Images/chandler_park_map1000x592.jpg.  We
are going to be located near shelter #3.  On the map posted above, that is
located near the top right corner, just below and left of the 'baseball
4-plex'.  Please note that this map is not oriented with north at the top.
If you look at a satellite or aerial image on Google Maps or another mapping
program, once you've entered in 'Chandler Park, Tulsa, OK' find the baseball
4-plex and then look just north-east of that, about mid-way between the four
baseball fields and the softball field.

I do not know if Tulsa Parks will have signs directing visitors to the area
once they've entered the park, but I imagine it will not be hard to find.
If anyone gets terribly lost on the way, feel free to call me and I will do
my best to try to navigate you.


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